Q114. What kind of license does netLD support?

1.Perpetual licenses This license type does not expire, which means that the software functionality is maintained, neither interrupted nor disappeared. *However, let us tell you how the annual support period works for you. An expiration warning message bar will be shown up 90days before the actual expiration date on netLD screen. *Annual support license is sold separately at the same time of the software purchase by the customers. *Our policy would not allow customers to purchase the software only without annual support license as our goal is to make sure that customers will derive the benefits from using netLD and will be happy. 2.Subscription license (Cloud version) This license type has 1 year expiration in the case of both ONLINE and OFFLINE versions. The product does not function any longer after 1 year. *ONLINE version means that customer can open and disclose their network accessible to netLD interactions,which will allow us to issue the license here by not requiring customer’s MAC address while OFFLINE version isolates their network from any outside accesses. The customer OFFLINE should provide us with the MAC address for netLD server ,which is more commonly practiced by the customers. If the network is isolated,you need to encourage the customer to provide MAC address for us by return. *The number of nodes in subscription is unlimited,which will allow customers to increase or even decrease the number of nodes during their uses. This means that the license provide more flexible approach for customers but ScienceLogic adopting the same marketing approach encourages customers to reach 3-year agreement. Please note that this rule applies to both evaluation license and subscription license. For your convenience, you can download the above as pdf.