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The latest version of Net LineDancer is version 14.06 rev.20150824.1454

Version 14.06

* Added new Compliance Policy Report.
* Added new Managed Network Usage Report.
* Fixed software version parsing on certain Cisco ASR devices.
* Fixed issue where user specified timeout was ignored in SmartChange.
* Fixed issue logging into Allied Telesis 8724SL devices when a hostname is configured.
* Added support for backing up FortiGate devices with read-only access.
* Added additional diagnostic information for testing external authentication configuration.

* Add support for Arista switches.
* Added new Compliance Violation Report.
* Fixed issue backing up certain F5 BigIP devices.
* Improved PnP configuration import to support any column order.
* Improved support for CheckPoint firewalls.
* Fixed issues with terminal control characters in tool output for Fujitsu SRS devices.
* Fixed issue where superfluous changes were shown for Alaxala configurations.
* Fixed terminal proxy login when using Tera-Term 4.87.
* Fixed backup failures for certain Cisco Firewall Switch Modules.
* Added support for backing up Yamaha devices that use RADIUS authentication.
* Added support for neighbor data collection on Cisco Nexus devices.
* Fixed issue where job histories weren't deleted when a network was deleted.
* Fixed issue where credential weren't deleted when a credential configuration was deleted.
* Fixed issue where Fujitsu draft configurations would contain extra newlines.
* Added support for connecting to the terminal proxy from a Cisco SSH client.
* Fixed backup failure for certain virtual Juniper JunOS devices.
* Fixed issue executing password change tool against Riverbed Steelhead devices.

* Add feature to track the last backup duration for devices.
* Add backup and terminal proxy support for RedHat Linux servers.
* Added a permission to disallow editing the admin user settings.
* Added support for RADIUS authentication.
* Add support for new CheckPoint firewalls.
* Fixed backup performance issues with F5 BigIP devices.
* Improved hardware parsing for Alcatel-Lucent TiMOS devices.
* Improved hardware parsing for Brocade NetworkOS devices.
* Improved support for Cisco Small Business switches.
* Improved hardware parsing for APC SmartUPS device.
* Improved parsing for BlueCoat ProxySG.
* Fixed backup failures for HP ProCurve switches that don't support TFTP.
* Fixed backup failures for certain Alteon devices.
* Fixed backup failures for certain PaloAlto devices.
* Fixed issue where Riverbed Steelhead backups wouldn't fail properly.
* Fixed backup failures for new Extreme Networks XOS switches.
* Fixed issue running FTP backups on Smart Bridges.

* Added support for Furukawa devices.
* Added support for Cisco Small Business Switches.
* Added support for APC SmartUPS power supplies.
* Added support for AlcatelLucent SR OS devices.
* Added support for configuration restore for Fujitsu SRS devices.
* Added the ability to remember discovery boundary networks.
* Added support for collecting Neighbor Data for Brocade FastIron devices.
* Fixed an issue when running IOS OS Push operations against large number
 of devices.
* Fixed a memory issue when backup F5 BigIP devices.
* Fixed an issue with intermittent SSH backup failures.

Rev. 20150213.1803
* Added support for MikroTik RouterOS devices.
* Added support for Pica8 devices
* Added support for ApresiaLight switches.
* Added discovery support for additional Cisco Wireless Controller models.
* Fixed issue where the last page of HP terminal logs could be empty.
* Fixed issue backing up Alaxala switches over SSH when running
 on Windows.
* Improved storage efficiency of F5 BigIP backup.ucs history.

Rev. 20150115.1134
* Prevent hashed passwords on Aruba devices from causing superfluous
* Fixed issue getting the hostname for H3C/HP Comware switches.
* Fixed hardware collection for stacked H3C/HP Comware switches.
* Fixed issue backing up certain Cisco Catalyst switches.

Rev. 20141222.1732
* Added support for Fujitsu CFX devices.

Rev. 20141219.1708
* Added support for Brocade Network OS switches.
* Added support for Riverbed Steelhead WAN Accelerators.
* Added support for Fujitsu IPCOM devices.
* Fixed issue where syslog wasn't initiating realtime backup.

Rev. 20141202.1746
* Fixed issue where TFTP server would shut down for some bad requests.

Rev. 20141125.1641
* Improved support for Cisco IOSXR devices.

Rev. 20141117.1221
* Added support for new AlcatelLucent switches.
* Added support for new H3C/HP Comware switches.

Rev. 20141029.1408
* Fixed SSL 3.0 vulnerability (CVE20143566).
* Fixed an issue when opening large terminal logs.
* Fixed an issue when opening a terminal form the rightclick menu on Chrome.
* Authentication Server (Active Directory) integration.
* Redundancy feature that is available to Linux only. Require a PostgreSQL database.
* Search by IPaddress in the static credential.
* Improved system information collection for Dell PowerConnect devices.
* Fixed issue when performing switch port lookup.
* Added support for CentOS 7.

Version 13.08

Rev. 20141024.1629
* Fixed SSL 3.0 vulnerability (CVE20143566).
* Fixed an issue when opening large terminal logs.

* Fixed backup failures for certain Alaxala devices.
* Fixed issue with Terminal Proxy freezing when processing large output.
* Fixed backup failures for certain Dell PowerConnect switches.
* Fixed realtime change detection issue with certain Juniper Netscreen devices.
* Fixed issue where disabled system backup would automatically reenable
 after service restart.
* Fixed issue with SmartChange where empty replacement values could cause
 execution errors.
* Fixed configuration export failure for BigIP devices when the hostname is
 not populated.
* Fixed backup failures for various HP and Cisco device models.
* Fixed login failure in terminal proxy for Brocade devices.
* Fixed an incorrect OID definition in the NETLDMIB
* Fixed the display of newlines in the changelog
* Fixed issue with more than ten simultaneous SSH backups on windows
* Fixed permission issue with terminal proxy SSH connections
* Improved tool output column sorting to better handle mixed alphanumeric data.
* Fixed an issue where the username associated with a realtime backup
 would be incorrect.
* Fixed VTY password change tool failure for Cisco Security Appliance devices.
* Fixed Juniper ScreenOS password change tool to properly change the VTY
 Password instead of the Enable Password.
* Fixed an issue for some HP Procurve devices where backups would fail due
 to extra terminal control characters.
* Added support for disabling syslog port redirection on linux.
* Fixed an issue starting the server in Italian Windows.
* Removed CLIonly backup from Cisco Security Appliance adapter because
 such configurations cannot be restored.
* Fixed an issue for Cisco Nexus devices where backups might fail due to an
 unexpected response.
* Fixed backup failure for Fortinet Fortigate devices contains a space after
their hostname.
* Fixed backup failure due to timeout for Juniper ScreenOS devices with very
 large configurations.
* Fixed backup failure for HP Procurve devices that do not require password
 to login.
* Added support for Palo Alto Networks PA500 Firewall.
* Improved hardware information collection for Brocade NetIron devices.
* Fixed an issue where nonadministrator users could be shown a Cloud license
 expiration notice.
* Fixed login failure for some HP Procurve devices.
* Fixed backup failure for certain F5 BigIP devices running OS version 11.
* Fixed an issue where users restricted to certain networks could not see job
 history for those networks.

* Improved hardware information collection of Brocade NetIron device.
* Fixed issue where the user who is not an administrator can see the notice of
 extinction of the Cloud license.
* Fixed issue where logging into new HP ProCurve would fail.
* Fixed issue where backing up F5 BIGIP device of OSv11 would fail.

Rev. 20131018.1903
* Fixed issue where the user who is limited to some network operations cannot
 see those operations history.

Rev. 20130904.1221
* Draft Configurations Feature:
  Support for creating configuration drafts from existing device configurations,
  or importing from text files.
  Draft configurations can be edited directly and can then be pushed to the
  device (either running or startup configuration).
  Drafts can also be compared to existing configurations to verify that only the
  parts you expect to change are affected.
* Change Advisor Feature:
  This is new feature that is unique in the industry. The Change Advisor can
  work with existing configurations or draft configurations.
* Tera Term Integration
  Working in concert with the Terminal Proxy
  feature, which allows automated login to devices and capture of terminal
  sessions, we have added the ability to simply rightclick on a device
  in the inventory list and open a Tera Term session that jumps directly into
  the device logging in automatically for you.
* ZeroTouch Feature: option
  We added the ability to create run after the ZeroTouch function, to back up
  add the inventory automatically.
* Add Supported Operating Systems
  Windows Server 2012
  Linux Cent OS / later than RedHat 5.x/6.x
* Improved user interface

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