Cloud Version [MSP Subscription]

Paradigm shift of software usage is now occurring everywhere in the world, which prompts more firms to focus on "use" rather than "have" for efficient operations. The product offering here is not Cloud service but Cloud license that is available to a number of MSP operation centers.

3 Features

1. You can take off with "a small start"!

・You are provided with N$ per node monthly.
・If effect is unproven, you can stop using the license immediately.
・Management of up to "10 customers" per server is possible with a SmartBridge,
  a distributed child server of Net LineDancer.

2. You can reduce installation and running Costs!

・You can benefit from fluctuation of monthly managed number of nodes and accomplish optimum
  of licensing costs.
・You can be freed from initial investment and depreciation, it is possible to be assigned as service
  costs financially.
・Improvement of quality and customer satisfaction is accomplised by reducing errors significanlty,
  and Reduction of running costs is also achieved by automation of settings contributing to labor

3. Perfect security and convenience is maintained!

・Perfect security measure including access control is adopted.
・Loading the database is available after even termination of the subsciption contract!
・Unlimited number of nodes is available to customers! Also, no expiration date of license!

For inquiry about this service, please contact

■Contact Information
LogicVein, Inc.

Cloud (subscription) licenses have 1 year expirations (both Online and Offline customers).
 a) The number of nodes is not limited, allowing the customer to increase and decrease node usage.
 b) Offline customers should report node usage by email on the first day of every quarter
  (every 3 months) using the "Export usage" button on the Help -> About window.
 c) LogicVein will bill customers on a quarterly basis.
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