"Configuration jobs made simple"
to be shown in Interop LasVegas (4/1 -4/3)
Dear customer,

Interop Las Vegas is just a couple weeks away.
I am writing to customers having visited our booth in past exhibitions. 
Net LineDancer was shown there as a unique “Network Configuration Management Tool” and is proud of over 80% annual support renewal ratio now.

There is a famous story of “Configuration Management” below.
Germans lost the North African Campaign in World War II, but do you ever know why they lost it?
When a war tank broke down for lack of parts, the unit would request a replacement. The replacement parts would arrive, right on time ...
but wouldn't fit.
Over time, the Germans' supply of tanks ran out but the British and Americans' did not.
Seventy years later, the discipline that sprang up to find the wrong-part-for-tank problem is called
“Configuration Management” in World War II.

When you encounter configuration errors and mistakes in your network, do you ever think of recovering processes quickly from unstable environments or additional and unwanted costs of such recovery?

“75% of Network Operations failures are caused by configuration errors, upgrade errors, and data entry errors” – Sage Research, Inc.
“Over 60% of organizations experience unauthorized and unexplained configuration changes to their network per year” – Enterprise Management Associates.

Net LineDancer, Network Configuration Management Tool, is here to help you solve network mistakes & errors and create solid base for cost savings.

You will be a winner in network configuration battle field that still remains unchanged.

To help you understand Net LineDancer easier, we attach a comparison showing competitor’s product vs our netLD and its product summary.
We would appreciate it if you would take a moment to look at them.
Cloud subscription version is also available to you now.

Our site; www.logicvein.com

Since our booth will be located at booth#508 in Interop, we look forward to seeing you AGAIN !


Takashi Sasaoka
Product Manager
LogicVein Inc.

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