A Tool Helping Novice Engineers Manage the Network

LogicVein, Inc. a leading NCCM vender,has now introduced Net LineDancer V13.08 to network management arena. Since it is software aimed at enterprise-class switches and routers from vendors such as Cisco and Other network device venders, we have difficulties preparing those expensive devices, which led us to their office where the sufficient testing environment is available. In this article, we describe the impressive tool in Net LineDancer that they introduced in their demos and I played with. Net StreetDancer, a free version of Net LineDancer network management software. First of all, we will briefly describe Net LineDancer itself. It first collects the device configurations from various network devices (routers and switches) in the network and stores them into its database. Then, we control the software via a browser GUI and it runs some config-related maintenance batch operations like backup and compare, which, without Net LineDancer, would be done via the command line interface. It is capable of managing a large number of devices, e.g. it at least supports 50 devices at the least expensive license.

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