In addition to our fixed price, perpetual license, LogicVein offers a flexible, per-node subscription license for Net LineDancer that is perfect for MSPs

1. Only pay for what you use with Net LineDancer!

  • Pay-per-node model based on what you actually use
  • Billed monthly
  • Stop using the license at any time for any reason
  • Manage up to ten (10) customers per server with the SmartBridge option

2. Lower startup, installation and ongoing costs

  • Fluctuating number of nodes managed each month? No problem! Only pay for what you use on a monthly basis (based on node count)
  • Classify your investment in netLD as an operating expense (OPEX) instead of a capital expense (CAPEX)
  • Significantly reduce costly errors, improve quality and customer satisfaction, automate time consuming tasks, improve security and enforce compliance to company policies

3. Flexible and Secure

  • Security measures including access control to maintain customer separation
  • No database loss in the event the subscription is terminated
  • Unlimited number of nodes available
  • No license expiration date

For more information about our per-node subscription license, please contact


Cloud Solution



Cloud (subscription) licenses have 1 year expirations (both Online and Offline customers).
a) The number of nodes is not limited, allowing the customer to increase and decrease node usage.
b) Offline customers should report node usage by email on the first day of every quarter (every 3 months) using the "Export usage" button on the Help -> About window.
c) LogicVein will bill customers on a quarterly basis.