Why Does My Company Need SNMP?

Let’s think about the average technically challenged user who just so happens to run a quickly growing medium size business. There is a hundred percent chance this woman or gentleman has no idea what SNMP is and how it can help his or her business.

With a growing company comes more employees and with more employees comes more network devices. For instance, extra computers and routers are required to handle the traffic for all the new network devices. Unfortunately, the increase of head counts also means a tendency for some unwanted shenanigans. Another problem this growing business will definitely encounter is hardware failure. Hardware failures can happen for many reasons; full memory, old or outdated hardware, tampering, and even computer viruses.

How can this business owner possibly manage the employees to ensure that they are being civil in their technology uses? How can they ensure that all of their network hardware and computers are safe from damages and failures?

It is time for this business owner to administer an SNMP into his or her network. SNMP stands for Simple Network Management Protocol and helps business manage computers, network devices, and sometimes users from one location.

SNMP starts with a main computer, or the management station, which is controlled by the IT department. From there, the network administrator can deploy software to all of the devices on the network. This software is typically called an ‘agent’. This agent was built to monitor its device and translate it into information that can be relayed back to the management station. The information is then saved into a database called the MIB, or management information base.

From here, the network administrators can monitor potential threats and problems such as misuse of bandwidth, low memory spaces, backup failures, and outages. In most cases, this information will assist the IT department to fix problems before they become too costly for that medium business owner.

With an SNMP in place, a company can reduce the cost of labor. Now, the network administrator can fix memory shortages before they run out. They can fix a daily backup instead of waiting until the server fails with no successful backups for a month! They can also pinpoint who is the biggest bandwidth hog and free up some room for more productivity.

Surely, these are all improvements that a business owner desires to accomplish within their business, and with an SNMP system on their network, they just might get some more sleep at night.

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