NCCM Tools and System Integrators Part2

NCCM Tools and System Integrators Part 2

Since globalization has accelerated, it is now common that companies choose to locate their local branch offices overseas. There are some domestic companies here in Japan that are making English as an internal official language. This trend will keep going unless something extraordinary happens. That means the globalization of the environment of network infrastructures will increase.

For the companies that advance into overseas markets for the first time, it will be tricky to connect their overseas offices with their domestic office and to stably manage their networks using only their own resources and know-how.

There will be some risks if you think on the basis of Japanese communication infrastructure. Since the robustness of the infrastructure depends on each country, we should consider many potential problems. For example, communication might stop frequently on some links or a large scale network failure might happen due to a natural disaster.

If you ask a local carrier or system integrator to manage your network, there could be difficulties including a language barrier, a difference of culture or a time difference. We aren’t used to dealing with those issues in Japan, as they rarely happened within the country.

However, having their own information system operators monitor all overseas branches 24/7 is also not a good solution.

In these cases, there will be two measures the domestic Japanese companies can take:
– Leave your network in the charge of a vendor who has an information and communication technology (ICT) center.
– Improve the performance of your network management and simplify the operations.

The first one is literally leaving everything to the vendor. Smoothing away all the difficulties with money could be the simplest solution.  However, this is a costly solution and it means you will leave your network information and security to them at the same time.

As a result, those who can’t accept this solution will choose the second one. For many companies, they will try to resolve the situation not with their human resources, but with their tools.

There are significant advantages in improving your own network management. Verifying the previous status even if a failure happens and having the information needed to restore on hand means a significant improvement in lost productivity. Mechanizing as much as possible the tasks currently managed by hand will make this process manageable. These advantages will be even more important for the companies advancing into overseas markets.The companies who locate branches overseas might find a solution by taking advantage of the minimum needed human resources with the tools that help their management. A tool like Net LineDancer makes it possible.

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