Management of Wireless Access Points

Management of Wireless Access Points

Management of the increasingly ever present wireless access points (Wi-Fi) has recently become an important topic.

With wide use of smart phones, Wi-Fi has increased exponentially in public spaces as well as in buildings like offices and hospitals.  The world of the Internet has reached the point that everyone can connect everywhere and anytime they want.

On the other hand, it is becoming more complex to provide the quality and configure these explosive number of Wi-Fi access points.  I have seen several scenes where the infrastructure and human resources couldn’t keep up with the speed of installation of Wi-Fi hotspots.  It requires so much time and effort to change all those devices.

There are some vendors who provide wireless controllers that can manage multiple wireless APs.  However, they might have a limit on the number of wireless APs they can manage per controller or we have to introduce another device just to manage the wireless AP. And anyway, it might “cost too much”.  If the vendor doesn’t provide any controller, there will be no choice for the operator to find a solution for themselves.

Those who have these problems start to think if they can resolve it by taking advantage an NCCM tool that is commonly used for the management of routers and switches.  With the spread of wireless APs growing with the demand for ever increasing Wi-Fi access, I see the importance of a management tool increasing not only for wireless APs, routers, and switches, but for all kinds of network devices.

Kou Sasaoka

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