Get Familiar with Network Management

Get Familiar with Network Management

The network infrastructure has come into wide use recently in many enterprises. Network is fairly ubiquitous. When we talk about something common, it is often a thing that everyone knows about and can easily handle. Something common is usually something that everyone can manage, like driving a car, or operating a computer or a printer.

On the other hand, what about network management?  I’m sure that people who work as a network operator have taken some classes and have a reasonable amount of technical knowledge.  I sometimes hear from network managers that they like to put less experienced workers in charge of an operation, believing that they will find it easy once they get used to it.

Although there are more and more management devices with web user interface, less experienced workers have to learn to use the command line to manage this operation. Network managers assume they’ll be able to help with management tasks once they have got the hang of it.  However, it is very common that those who are inexperienced in the command line are reluctant to learn it. That makes it difficult to maintain an environment in which everyone is able manage basic network operations.

“Configure and manage the network like drawing” was an OpenFlow catch phrase. Even without using OpenFlow, I feel there is more and more need for the standardization of network management.

Kou Sasaoka



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