Q017. How is switch with a stack configurations shown in netLD?

A017. Switch with a stack configuration is registered as one device. As methods of distinguishing a stack by netLD, there are following ways: 1. Command Runner Check a stack information by running command such as "show switch". 3750-Stk>show switch Current Switch#  Role      Mac Address     Priority     State -------------------------------------------------------- 1         Slave       0016.4748.dc80      5         Ready *2       Master    0016.9d59.db00     1         Ready 2. Hardware Report If there are main switch, member switch 1, and member switch 2, report is displayed as following: -C3750 -Switch -------------------------- Type  Slot#  Slot Type   ...  Description Chassis Card   1    stack Card   2    stack --------------------------

Q018. What is the rough estimate of the capacity of the database?

A018. In the case of managing hundreds devices throughout a year, the capacity will be about 100MB, which is fairly small.
*It would vary depending on frequency of use jobs, complexity of network like VLAN and heavy configuration.

Q019. What is Cron?

A019. Cron is a scheduler of job execution that is similar to Cron/Crontab of Unix. For description method of Cron, please refer to Net LineDancer Manual.

Q110. How is the subscription license updated in netLD?

A110. If a user wishes to convert an evaluation into a full version, they need a new/updated license.enc file provided by LogicVein.

The license.enc file is copied into the osgi-config/security directory and the service restarted.

That’s it, it should be activated with a new license at that point.

Q111. Give an example of creating a custom Smart Change to enable Netflow on router interfaces.

A111. Here is an example of creating a custom Smart Change to enable Netflow on router interfaces.

1. Go to the Job Management tab

2. Select “New Job” -> Smart Change


3. Enter a Job name and click Ok.
4. In the job editor, paste in some Netflow boilerplate commands.


5. Now let’s parameterize some of the contents to create a tool.
Highlight a fragment to create a replacement, then click on the + button ...



6. Create a “Choice" of interfaces for the user to select from …

7. Use the same value for both the “interface" command and the “flow-export source” by highlighting the target, and then dragging and dropping from the list of replacements.


8. Save the job and close the editor.


9. On the Devices tab, select a device(s), and from the Smart Change menu choose your new tool.


10. Fill in your desired data and execute.

It’s that simple.
There are of course many other features of Smart Change, such as exporting an Excel spreadsheet where many devices and values can be populated and then imported to execute a mass change, etc.

Q126. How do I brand the login page with my company logo?

A126.  Create a PNG version of your logo with the dimensions of 210 x 90 pixels (width x height).  Rename the file to partner-login.png and copy it to the directory where netLD is installed.