Q061. There are two installation programs in the program file. Which should I use to install or upgrade netLD?

A061. Since SmartBridge is added from ver11.xx,
we are providing not only netLD install program but also SmartBridge install program.
If SmartBridge is installed to netLD server by accident, existing data will be deleted,
so please make sure that data is backed up, and then installed it after checking program.

[In the case of installing or upgrading netLD server]
Execute the following program:

[In the case of installing or updating SmartBridge]
Execute the following program:

Q062. If new version is released, how can I upgrade netLD?

A062. There are two ways to upgrade netLD.

[In the case of using version before ver.10.10 or online connection is unavailable from server]
Stop the service of existing netLD and install new version over existing netLD.
For more details of procedures, please refer to the "Upgrade Manual" that is distributed
when you download upgrade version.

[In the case of using version later than ver.11.04 and online connection is available]
Run "Software Update" from netLD console, and upgrade it.

1. Select "Settings" on the right of screen.
2. Select "Software Update"on the left menu.
3. Click "Install Update".
4. Update will be started. After that, service will be rebooted.
5. After completing update, the screen will automatically change to login screen.

Q063. What are the system requirements for installation?

A063. The requirements depend on the number of managed nodes.

Please refer to the following:

[Precaution of installation]
Please make sure that other software will not use the same ports,
which netLD will be deployed before installation.