Asset Management of Network Devices

Asset Management of Network Devices

When we talk about asset management in the world of IT, many of you might think of enterprise servers and client terminals.

From the physical information to the logical information, you can control dozens of entries with current asset management tools, such as the MAC addresses and model numbers of parts, the hostname and the group name, and the version of the OS, internet browser, and applications on each device.

On the other hand, what about the asset management of network devices?
In my opinion, the strength of the preferences in this domain are proportional to the number of the nodes they manage. This is especially true with carriers that have thousands and tens of thousands of nodes and major manufacturing and distribution industries that have their market around the world.  It still sounds easy to keep serial numbers of all of the chassis in an Excel file. But if they want comprehensive control of all assets including expansion modules from daughter cards to power supplies, they will surely miss something.

Leaving this issue aside, they may need to find information from a customer at a critical moment. They might face unexpected risks such as using device parts that expire before someone else notices or they might not be prepared to substitute devices in case of trouble.

Though keeping track of the details of all network devices might not be as exciting as keeping track of the details for servers and clients terminals, it could turn out to be the most important decision you make.

Kou Sasaoka

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