119. How can I apply the configuration I wrote directly?

The draft configuration feature, added to Net LineDancer v13.08, can be used to push the config you directly edited on the devices.

120. Can I register the memo format frequently used?

On v13.08, the memo template feature is added. This memo is also available for the configuration or draft configuration, which are also added on this version. For each type of memo (devices, configuration, draft configuration), one template can be created.

121. Can I attach memos in the inventory?

Yes, you can attach memos to the devices in the inventory. On v13.08, you can also attach it for the config and draft config.* * Draft configuration is added on v13.08, where users can edit a configuration directly and push it on the devices.

Q60. Is it possible to check log of command that is run to devices?

A60. Yes, it is possible to get log of command that is run to devices by following procedures.

[In the case of using version before ver.10.10]
1. Click "Help" -> "About" -> "Adapter Logging".
2. Select log to get by following.
・Logging debug and imortant message:
Server internal log and log of important message (credential error, device connection error, and adapter error or so)
(Save location \Net LineDancer\scratch\logs)
・Logging only important message (default):
Log of important message (credential error, device connection error, and adapter error or so)
(Save location \Net LineDancer\netld.log)
3. Run process to target device.

[In the case of using version later than ver.11.04]
1. Click "Help" -> "About" -> "Adapter Logging".
2. Enter target IP address.
ex) IP/CIDR: -> Click "Enable recording of adapter operations".
* Effective time of debug is 5 minutes.
(Save location \Net LineDancer\scratch\logs)
3. Run process to target device.

Q59. Please tell me about Tag feature.

A59. Tag feature is to manage devices classified by groups with tags.
In Device view, it is possible to display only devices you want to manage or apply jobs to target devices in a group unit.

[Procedures of adding Tag]
1. Click "Inventory" -> "Device Tags" in the right of device view.
2. Add new tags and click "OK" button.
3. Select devices and click "Device" -> "Associate tags" in the right of device view.
4. Select tags from a list of tag to apply.

Q58. After finishing installing netLD, what should I set to start using netLD at first?

A58. Basic feature of netLD is available by following steps. 1. Credential setting -> Enter information like password, user SNMP community of managed devices as credential. 2. Protocol setting -> Select protocol that is used to backup configuration of managed devices. 3. Add managed devices -> Add devices by manually or discovery with specifying IP address range. 4. Backup configuration -> Backup configuration of device. After processing above steps, it is possible to use Tool feature or Report feature or so. Please refer to the chapter 1.5, Initial Configuration in Net LineDancer Manual.

Q57. Is it possible to add managed devices all at once?

A57. Yes, it is possible to import devices from CSV file.
Also, it is possoble to add devices that have responded by discovery in specifying IP address range.

Q56. Is it possible to change configuration to multiple devices all at once?

A56. Yes, it is possible to select target devices by Ctrl or Shift key in Device view,
and then select tool from "Change" in the right of Device view and run it.
If you are unable to make changes to multiple devices all at once, the tool will be grayed out.

Q55. How can I set dynamic credential?

A55. If credentials of managed devices are same,
it is possible to use dynamic credential to apply same credential to managed devices by specifying IP address range.
Also, if static credential already has a list of devices or so,
it is useful to associate one device with the other credential one by one.

[Example of dynamic credential setting]
In the case of setting credential to following devices:
・, 192.168.2, credential like user and password all for three)
・ credential from others)

1. In "Credential" screen, add "Network Group" as any name.
2. Enter " -" to address specification column on the right, and add it.
3. Enter information like user and password of devices.
4. For, follow same steps above 1-3, and add credential.

Q54. Is it possible to change timeout of console screen?

A54. Yes, it is possible to change timeout of console screen by following steps.

[Using version later than ver.12.03]
1. Select "Settings".
2. Select "Network Server" and change "User login idle timeout (minutes)".
3. Push "OK" button.
* As for invalid timeout, set "525,600(maximum)". It is unnecessary to reboot netLD server.

[Using version before ver.12.03]
1. Stop netLD service.
2. Open the following folder in netLD folder (default location is directly under Program Files).
Net LineDancer\osgi-config\jetty
3. Open "" file, edit following line, and change the description "1800". (Unit: seconds)
ex1) If you want to change timeout to 10 minutes, change value to "600" (10 minutes × 60 seconds).
ex2) If you want to make no timeout, change value to "0".
4. Boot netLD service.