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Frequently Asked Questions

  Net LineDancer FAQ 


Net LineDancer Manual

Net LineDancer Manual  

  Net Line Dancer v.16 Users Manual (PDF: 5.64MB) 

  External Authentication (PDF: 605KB) 

  Redundancy Configuration Guide (PDF: 100KB) 

Windows To Linux Migration 

How to import NetFlow template 


Net LineDancer 5Minute Talk

  Net LineDancer 5Minute Talk (PDF:3.1MB) 

Net LineDancer Catalog

  Net LineDancer Catalog (PDF: 2.4MB) 

The Others

SoftBank Telecom Corp. Application Example

  SoftBank Application Example (PDF: 1.29MB)

Product Features Download

  Net LineDancer Product Introduction (PDF: 5.93MB)

Customer Download

Net LineDancer installer